About us

Exit Interview was designed by small business for small business. In 2014 I opened a second location of my deli in the Chicago area. We had normal growing pains, one was trying to figure out how to work with the impossibility of being 2 places at once.

The customer experience is something that is so integral to success and often that experience is made up of many small things. There will always be the larger keys to success like selling a quality product at a reasonable price. Beyond that though many small businesses need to set themselves apart and that is why the "little things" are so important.

We often had meetings where we would discuss the little things like - greeting every customer as soon as they walk in, wearing full uniform each day, smiling at customer, repeating order back to customer and making sure cell phones are out of sight to name a few. When I was around these things were always done, however when I had to run to our other store or finally go home how could I know these things were getting done?

We checked into secret shopper programs and although many seemed effective they could only answer objective questions because many of the shoppers were vetted "experts" and it was their first time visiting our shop. Other programs that leveraged current customers offered a large reward ($500-$1,000) to go online and take a cumbersome survey for just a small chance to win.

I wanted a way to leverage current customer feedback to help create the best possible customer experience and that required both objective and subjective questions. I also needed a quick easy way for them to answer the questions quickly, so it didn't take much of their valuable time and while their experience was still fresh.

Exit Interview solved this problem. With Exit Interview we are able to decide what feedback is most important to us. Customers can take a quick Interview and answer 3-5 short questions with emoji/picture responses and best of all they are instantly rewarded with valuable points to use on their next visit.

In addition, we were able to add some employee accountability because they knew each customer through the door was evaluating them.

Exit Interview also offers some great data collection and customer engage features to ensure your customers are happy and keep coming back. Click here for more information.

I hope Exit Interview helps your small business grow and thrive as it has helped mine!

Kind regards,
William Davis